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Updated on Wednesday 17th February 2021

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Investors from non-EU and non-EEA countries looking to relocate to Malta can benefit from the golden visa programme through investments in this country. There are two important programmes which can be in the best interest of an entrepreneur. As for the legal requirements for buying a golden visa in Malta, we suggest you talk to our team of local lawyers in Malta who can also explain the entire procedure, in respect with the applicable laws.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Malta golden visa in 2021?

The golden visa programme for Malta was launched in 2015 and entered into force in the same year, as an amendment provided by the Maltese Immigration Act. The following criteria are important for foreigners interested in placing their investments in Malta:
  • the accepted candidates are those from EU and EEA and of at least 18 years of age;
  • a contribution of at least EUR 30,000 is necessary at the time you apply for a golden visa;
  • renting or buying a property is a mandatory rule for each candidate;
  • a minimum investment of EUR 250,000 is also another requirement for obtaining the golden visa for Malta.
Investing in Maltese government bonds a minimum of EUR 250,000 for a period of five years grants the indefinite residency for foreigners in Malta. It is good to know that the imposed sum of EUR 30,000 represents the contribution to the Maltese State Fund. We remind that our team of attorneys in Malta are at the disposal of foreign investors interested in buying golden visas in Malta in 2021.

The benefits of a golden visa in Malta

Traveling freely in the Schengen Area is probably the most important benefit offered to foreign investors in Malta who have obtained the golden visa for Malta. Besides that, the family members can benefit from the same rights of living and working in Malta as the main candidate. The indefinite leave to remain is granted to foreigners who obtain the golden visa through the governmental programme which gained success from the first time it was implemented in Malta. Likewise, one must know that there is no age limit for dependant children of foreign investors in Malta We remind that Malta is part of the Schengen Area and a significant financial player on the international market.

What has changed in the Golden Visa Scheme in Malta in 2021

A recent amendment in the legislation provides for a new authority to be in charge of the Malta Golden Visa Scheme in 2021. This is the Community Malta Agency. The requirements remain the same, however, an expedited procedure has also been set in place.

Those who want to apply for a golden visa in Malta in 2021 can invest 600,000 euros for a 3-year residence permit or 750,000 euros for a one-year permit. Updated information can be given by our specialists in this country.
We invite you to get in touch with our lawyers in Malta if you need legal assistance for buying a golden visa in Malta in 2021.