Countries Where You Can Buy Citizenship

Updated on Friday 19th February 2021

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There are several ways in which a foreign investor can move to another country. The usual way, which implies the simple relocation through an ordinary residence permit, or by buying a golden visa which can imply obtaining residence or citizenship by investment.

There are numerous countries around the world in which you can buy citizenship and our specialists can guide you in the procedure of obtaining a second passport.

Below, our golden visa consultants present some of the countries where you can buy citizenship.

Countries in which you can buy citizenship under advantageous conditions

The list of countries in which you can buy citizenship can be short or long, depending on the continent you are looking to move to. However, from a distance, Europe is the continent with countries to offer some of the most important advantages for those interested in buying citizenship.

Another interesting fact about European countries is that no matter if you choose to buy a golden visa by residence through investment, you will also be able to obtain citizenship after specific periods of time.

Here are some of the countries where you can buy citizenship directly:
  • Ireland is one of the most attractive countries in which one can buy citizenship (the government can also offer various waivers from the usual residency requirements);
  • Cyprus is another European country in which you can buy citizenship directly (it is also a cheap destination);
  • the USA is one of the most sought destinations in the world when it comes to buying citizenship;
  • in South America, Peru is one of the few countries to offer straightforward citizenship by investment program;
  • Singapore offers the fastest and simplest citizenship by investment programs in Asia.

From all these countries, our golden visa agents can help you acquire citizenship in Ireland, Cyprus and the USA. Additionally, we can assist those who want to buy citizenship in Malta and Portugal.

Requirements when buying citizenship by investment in 2021

Each country has its own rules when it comes to buying citizenship by investment. No matter the country you decide to buy citizenship in, you will need to respect the procedures and prove that you have the funds required for the actual investment.

A common thing for all countries where you can buy citizenship is that the investment options are flexible, meaning that you can decide to purchase a property there, register a company, invest in an existing company or purchase financial instruments.

Another aspect to consider when choosing a country where you can buy citizenship in2021 is the nationalities the program was created for. A good example, in this case, is Europe, as most countries where you can buy citizenship on the Old Continent address non-EU citizens.

If you are interested in a particular country in which you would like to buy citizenship or residency by investment, you can discuss with our agents.

Why do countries offer citizenship by investment programs?

Most of the persons seeking countries where they can buy citizenship ask about these programs and what made the governments offering them create such schemes. The answer is quite simple: these programs were designed to attract foreign investors willing to invest large amounts of money in the local economy.

The advantages, however, are not only on the side of the countries selling citizenship by investment but also on the investors’ side who usually prefer to purchase properties and retire to the countries they bought citizenship or residence in.

According to statistics, around 2 billion USD is spent every year by those seeking to buy citizenship or residency by investment.

If you have any questions on the best countries to buy citizenship in at the level of 2021, our golden visa agents can answer them.

Residence or citizenship by investment in 2021?

The differences between buying residence and citizenship by investment are not many, however, the rights which can be obtained in countries where you can buy citizenship are more advantageous compared to those when acquiring residence by investment.

Here are a few facts on citizenship/residency by investment programs in several countries:
  1. You can buy citizenship by investment in Portugal for 250,000 USD in 3 to 8 months;
  2. Malta is another country in which you can buy citizenship for a little over 600,000 USD in 4 to 6 months;
  3. You can buy citizenship in Thailand for as little as 15,000 USD and the procedure takes around one month;
  4. The UK is another country to offer citizenship by investment for approximately 2.8 million USD in a time frame of around 2 months.

At the level of 2021, choosing between a residency or citizenship by investment scheme can be difficult, however, an investor should consider the main reason he or she enters the program.

If you want to apply for citizenship by investment in 2021, you will have plenty of countries to choose from, but in some of these the waiting period to obtain it can be longer. When it comes to residence by investment in 2021, it could be easier to buy it.
If you have any questions about the best countries where you can buy citizenship, do not doubt in contacting us.