How to Obtain Economic Citizenship

Updated on Friday 19th February 2021

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Those who want to immigrate to other countries have plenty of choices when it comes to golden visas programs which have been enabled by more and more governments. Also known as economic citizenship programs, immigration by investment schemes benefit both the government and the applicant.

Below, you can read some interesting facts about how to obtain economic citizenship and its main advantages. These are also known as golden visa programs. You can rely on us if you are interested in obtaining economic citizenship in Europe or the United States of America.

Economic citizenship – definition

The simplest way to define economic citizenship is the acquisition of residency which leads to citizenship or direct citizenship (in countries which offer this option) through financial investment in the respective state. The investment is imposed by the country offering economic citizenship.

Most of the times, the countries creating citizenship or residency by investment programs provide for the investment to be made in:
  • real estate through purchase and rental (Malta offer residency by investment through real estate rentals);
  • financial instruments (purchase of shares, debentures and other instruments) which are approved by the government;
  • companies (existing companies which meet certain criteria) or by setting up new companies;
  • various underdeveloped areas of the countries by setting up companies or by making other investments.
If you are interested in buying a golden visa with the purpose of obtaining economic citizenship, our specialists can present you with some interesting options in countries like Ireland, Cyprus and Portugal, or even the USA.

Malta and Cyprus – top economic citizenship destinations

According to several studies conducted by important organizations and magazines, two of the most appealing countries offering economic citizenship in Europe and the European Union are Malta and Cyprus.

Cyprus is one of the oldest countries in the world to have enabled citizenship by investment program, while Malta is one of the European countries offering cheap economic citizenship.

If you want to buy a golden visa in any of these two countries, you only need to reach out to our agents and ask for details.

How to determine the best economic citizenship scheme for you in 2021

With so many countries offering residency and citizenship by investment, choosing a program can be complicated, however, here are a few tips that can be of help:
  1. choose the country based on whether you want to acquire residency or directly citizenship;
  2. based on the amount of money you are willing to invest (there are both cheap and expensive programs);
  3. based on whether you intend to live in that country or not (some countries offering second passports do ask the applicant to live there);
  4. the reputation and legal system of the respective country are also important in choosing the right economic citizenship program for you;
  5. the access to freely travel to other countries which is one of the most important advantages of such a program.

Our golden visa specialists can help you with personalized services when choosing an economic citizenship program in 2021.

The benefits of economic citizenship programs

Both governments and people have to gain from the many economic citizenship schemes available. While for governments the most important advantages are related to attracting foreign capital and an increase in their economies, for the citizens the benefits are multiple.

Foreign investors have the most benefits when obtaining economic citizenship because they can expand in powerful countries and enlarge their horizons by creating new partnerships. They can also bring family members and thus start new lives in another country. The investments made will offer them a secure and good lifestyle.

For some, economic citizenship represents a good tax planning opportunity which is why they decide to expand a business through such a program in 2021.

We can help entrepreneurs interested in obtaining investor visas in various countries.

People are becoming more and more interested in economic citizenship schemes in 2021

According to a study conducted by CS Global Partners:
  • in 2017, 89% of the persons interviewed would be interested in obtaining a second passport;
  • out of all the participants, 34% have even looked in such programs;
  • 80% of the respondents said that they would be willing to invest 5% of their annual salaries in a second passport scheme;
  • 11% of the participants to the survey already had a second passport;

In 2021, those who want to buy economic citizenship could benefit from less stringent requirements in terms of financial conditions.

Considering many countries around the world have created startup visas for entrepreneurs which require very low investments, 2021 could be one of the best years for those who want to buy economic citizenship under the new conditions.

For complete information on how economic citizenship programs work, please contact us. You can rely on us for buying a golden visa in a country of your choice.