Immigration by Investments

Updated on Tuesday 21st May 2019

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Foreign citizens who dispose of important amounts of money can easily relocate to other countries by making contributions to the economies of those countries. Known as investment residence or citizenship programs, these schemes through which many governments decide to attract foreign high net worth individuals have become increasingly popular after 2010.

Those interested in immigration by investments have plenty of opportunities when it comes to the countries in which they can buy the so-called golden visas.

If you are interested in investment immigration, we invite you to read here about some of the most interesting programs and what they require. We are a team of international experts who can provide assistance to those interested in immigration by investment in various countries around the world. If you have a certain country in mind, our golden visa agents can guide you for a successful investment immigration.

What does a program for immigration by investment imply?

Golden visa or investment immigration programs imply a significant contribution to a country’s economy in exchange for residence or citizenship, depending on the chosen state to immigrate to.

A few important aspects which need to be considered when choosing immigration by investments are:
  1. these programs address wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs from non-EU states most of the times;
  2. the contribution to be made to that country’s economy will depend on the government’s requirements;
  3. foreign citizens can obtain permanent residence before acquiring citizenship in many of the countries offering such programs;
  4. the main conditions for all investment immigration schemes are a clean criminal record and a legitimate source of money;
  5. those who apply for such programs can obtain various benefits, among which bring family members along;
  6. the duration of the application for a golden visa is usually lengthy due to the verifications the authorities must perform.
At the moment, there are many countries all over the world which have created investment immigration programs and our golden visa specialists can help you choose the one that suits your expectations, qualifications and experience.

What are the countries providing for investment immigration schemes?

The number of countries enabling immigration by investment programs has grown in the last few years, as many governments have seen the economic benefits such schemes have. At the moment, some of the most performant such programs are offered by countries like:
  • Malta which has occupied the first position in ranks covering investment immigration programs for years;
  • Cyprus which was one of the first European countries to enable such a program and which is still very sought;
  • the UK which at the moment is preparing to exit the EU, but still offers one of the best investment immigration programs in Europe;
  • Greece which has one of the cheapest immigration by investment programs in Europe;
  • the US also issues investment visas for entrepreneurs, being one of the first countries in the world to have such a program.
Among all the countries which offer golden visa programs, the most successful ones are in the European Union as they offer multiple advantages. Among these, free movement in all EU and Schengen area countries and the possibility of obtaining European citizenship.

Our golden visa consultants can offer detailed information on each of the programs enabled by the countries mentioned above, as well as on those of other states.

What are the investment conditions when buying a golden visa?

As mentioned earlier, each country will impose its own conditions related to the amount of money for those choosing an investment immigration scheme. These amounts of money can be invested in:
  • real estate property purchases;
  • in existing companies agreed by the government;
  • in the opening of new companies;
  • in the purchase of government-approved financial instruments.
When choosing a country to buy a golden visa in, our advisors recommend paying attention to certain aspects such as the fact that investments in real estate purchases can vary from those in existing companies and that certain countries provide for the investment to be made in specific regions.

The minimum amount to be injected under an investment immigration program will usually start at 250,000 euros such is the case of Greece and can reach millions of euros.

If you are interested in immigration by investment, our specialists are at your disposal with information and advice on how to choose the program that suits your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us no matter the country you want to buy a golden visa in.