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Updated on Friday 19th February 2021

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The number of countries selling citizenship has increased in the last few years, as many investors have shown their interest in purchasing properties or relocating with the purpose of doing business in other states than their own.

Those who want to buy golden visas have many countries to choose from, countries that sell citizenship under very advantageous conditions.

Below, we invite you to read about some of the countries in which you can buy citizenship. You can rely on our golden visa specialists for guidance on how to choose the best country that sells citizenship.

Top 10 countries that sell citizenship

If you want to buy citizenship by investment and relocate to another country, here are the top 10 countries that sell citizenship around the world:
  1. Malta for which you will need a minimum investment of 900,000 euros for buying citizenship;
  2. Cyprus is the second-best country rates for selling citizenship in the European Union;
  3. The Dominican Republic has started its citizenship by investment program in 1993;
  4. Vanuatu is one of the latest additions to the list of countries that sell citizenship (the program started in 2015);
  5. Turkey is one of the countries which sell citizenship and offers access to foreign citizens to one of the largest consumer markets in the world;
  6. Montenegro is one of the Southeast European countries to sell citizenship for 350,000 euros;
  7. Ireland is also one of the most sought countries which sell citizenship in Europe and the European Union;
  8. those looking for destinations outside Europe can buy citizenship in the United States of America;
  9. Singapore is another state outside the European Union in which citizenship can be bought;
  10. Canada is one of the most destinations for investments in which foreign citizens can also buy citizenship.

Our agents who can help you buy golden visas can help you buy citizenship in countries like Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland.

Why buy citizenship in another country in 2021?

Most countries that sell citizenship know that there are plenty of benefits to be obtained from such programs. When it comes to those entering such schemes and buying golden visas in these countries, a second passport is often a sign of wealth. For others, the possibility of starting a company in a country that provides for better business conditions. Other foreigners can find easy to retire in another country.

The countries that sell citizenship in 2021 address all types of investors and individuals who have sufficient funds. However, they also impose various conditions and conduct various verifications on those applying for citizenship by investment.

Among the conditions for buying citizenship by investment is for the money to be invested to come from legitimate sources.

If you have any questions about countries that sell citizenship in 2021, our consultants are at your disposal with detailed information.

Benefits of citizenship by investment programs around the world

The benefits of obtaining an investor visa are many, however, each country offers different advantages. This is why when choosing a country that sells citizenship both the requirements and the advantages must be considered.

One of the advantages of buying citizenship in another country is the possibility of traveling visa-free to other countries. Global movement is one of the reasons why people apply for citizenship in countries that sell them.

Another perk of buying a second passport is the possibility of taking family members in the respective country. In 2021, the countries that sell citizenship usually ask for additional guarantees depending on the number of family members brought along.

Most people moving to other countries that sell citizenship also look for better healthcare and education system, and among these the USA and Ireland are preferred.

Some countries do not actually require the applicants to live in the country after having obtained their passports.

If you are interested in moving to Europe, our agents in countries, like Spain, Italy, and Portugal can help apply for residency or citizenship by investment.

Freedom of movement when buying citizenship by investment in 2021

Those seeking for a country that sells citizenship based on the freedom of movement it offers should know that:
  • Malta offers visa-free traveling to its citizens to 182 countries around the world (most of the EU states);
  • Cyprus also provides the right to its citizens to travel freely to a quite significant number of 173 countries;
  • from Montenegro, citizens have access to travel without a visa to 123 countries around the world;
  • Turkish passport holders have visa-free access to 111 countries, according to 2019 Henley passport report.

The number of countries that sell citizenship is likely to increase in 2021 as a result of the positive impact such programs have had in other states that already have this scheme. Also, the fact that most of the investors are willing to commit to important amounts of money is expected to increase governments' confidence in creating more schemes through which citizenship by invesment is sold in 2021.

For complete information on countries that sell citizenship, please contact us.